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Identifying family branch via DNA?

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  • Identifying family branch via DNA?

    Hello all. I was just contacted by an adoptee who shows as my 3rd cousin on FTDNA. I have a guess on who his father might be... my mother's first cousin -- the son of her father's sister.

    Is there any simple way by using autosomal DNA test results of both of us to determine if the adoptee cousin is on my mother's father's side of the family? There are no other known direct descendants of my great aunt and the ancestors died many years ago.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Although inquiring about Autosomal, you could suggest to him, if he hasn't already, to do yDNA testing and see if the surname of your mothers cousin shows up on his match list.


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      Athough FTDNA has suggested 3rd cousin, from your description he is your second cousin.

      And you should be able to "semi-confirm" that by looking at total cM.

      3rd cousins are around 53 cM
      2nd cousins are around 210 cM.

      What is he closest to?
      (2nd 1R is about 105.)

      But anytime a male is looking for his biological father, he should definitely take a YDNA test and see what happens there. In my experience well over half of the tests fall into obvious surname groups.