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FF results came in and now off to Gedmatch?

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  • FF results came in and now off to Gedmatch?

    Just a quick question or two for my fellow adoptees.
    I got my results back from FF.
    To break the My Origins down further I have uploaded it into Gedmatch
    The first question is Which Admixture Utilities worked best/was the closest result for you? (MDLP Project or Eurogenes ect.)

    Second question so with all my 4th cousins
    Am I asking what the name of their great great grandmother is or do I ask it to include the grandfather as well? or is it another great away?
    {I am asking from a women's perspective}

    Sorry for any typos
    I am just a little excited :

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    Very few of us seem to have been able to identify the connections to more than a handful of our supposed Family Finder 4th cousins! Very few of our matches have posted their pedigrees in enough detail to identify all of their ancestors that many generations back. In the small number of cases where the pedigrees are sufficiently complete, most of the time we still can't find a connection. The way the Family Finder estimates the degree of relationship seems way, way too optimistic. The actual relationships seem to be further back than the estimates would suggest. I find it more helpful to use GEDmatch to identify specific matching segments shared by multiple kits (triangulation groups). Every so often, a triangulation group contains somebody with a detailed pedigree and a clear connection to a common ancestor.


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      I generally ask if they have a tree on ancestry or somewhere else that I can view and I look at every generation. You never know where the connection is so it is best to try and get a feel for repeating surnames or unmarried family members or any strange gaps in time that you notice.

      Good luck with your search.

      I was able to confirm some matches listed as 4th cousins were actually 3rd cousins once removed to me and 3rd cousins to my father who is adopted so do not dismiss them. It also helped prove that the man I had assumed was my 3x ggreatgrandfather's father was indeed his father when I matched this entire family.

      I would write down surnames that are shared between your closest matches. Then I would try and get family trees from them and see if any of them connect at any point. I am sure you will get the hang of it!


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        Thanks people for leaving those replies
        So far with the help of some 5th cousins I have found a link between us from an ancestor from 1856
        They even have a picture of her.
        I am still a bit blank it the Haplogroup stuff but I am finding it a lot of fun.

        My Gedmatch number is T858223 {who knows you might be a 4th cousin as well }


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          And a big hello to the 500 plus people who have read this