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    Hello, I am looking for the surname of my bio father. I have matched 36 of 37 with 2 people and 35 of 37 with 1 and 34 of 37 with another all with the same surname. My 37 marker DYS 438 shows a (0) null value otherwise I think I would match 37 of 37. I also uploaded my Family Finder results to Gedmatch. I contacted the match with the nearest MRCA (3.5 Generations) and she told me her maternal grandmother had the same surname as my matches. I am almost convinced that I know my bio surname but I am looking for other opinions or avenues to search.
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    It sounds like there's a good chance that you've found the right surname.

    One thing to do is to upgrade to 67 markers, especially if some of your matches at 37 markers with the surnames have tested to 67. Then you can compare at a level with more reliability. That might show that you match one of them more closely at 67 markers and should concentrate on his paternal line genealogy.

    The other thing is to search in the records for someone with this surname who lived in the area where you were born around the time you were conceived. You can put this together with the family tree of the match at GEDmatch whose maternal grandmother has the surname you're looking at. See if you can find someone among the descendants or relatives of this maternal grandmother who lived in the right area and time frame to be your father.

    Ultimately, you will only get true confirmation that you've found the right surname and possibly even specific man through the paper trail. The yDNA testing is based on probability and provides good clues. Once you've honed in on a specific paternal line with the surname or even a specific man, then an autosomal test will probably definitively answer the question.


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      Thank you MMaddi, I am waiting for my 67 marker results. According to a St Louis city directory at the time of my being conceived there are numerous families with my suspected bio family name. Working on tracing them now. Coincidentally this grandmother in question was born and raised around 15 miles from where my mom was born and raised during the same time frame (late 20's early 30's) in Arkansas.
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