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Found two sets of most likely great great great grandparents

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  • Found two sets of most likely great great great grandparents

    My child are donor children (full siblings). I know the biological grandmother mother is Swedish/German . . Biological great grandmother is full Swedish. I've been in contact with several distant cousins who are guessed to be 3-5th cousins. Gedmatch has one at 4.2 and her neice at 4.9 generation (both matches of my children) anyways I've looked at several cousins all with ancestors from the same town and after a LOT of research found two sets of common ancestors. So I now know two sets of what I assume are great great great grandparents. I just don't know which of their kids would be the next generation down. I finally built a family tree on Ancestey but most the matches are on FTDNA at least that I'm in contact with. Any suggestions to take it from there? One of the sets only has two children which is nice.

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    Depending how far you want to take this, you could build both branches further down, find the descendants and have them take a DNA test, if they agree.

    Keep in mind that it's quite likely that you'll find interrelationships that will complicate things.