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Anyone from Brisbane, Australia?

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  • Anyone from Brisbane, Australia?

    Born November 1970 in Brisbane Australia.

    I am looking for birth father who was with my birth mother Kaye Saunders who was a barmaid in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She was married but seperated at the time with 3 small children. I was conceived around February or March, 1970. I would love to meet you please. You may not even know about me.

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    Have you done the Family Finder DNA test?


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      yes have done everything possible including FAMILY FINDER DNA. Can't really understand my results on FTDNA though. grr!


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        Originally posted by sonya30 View Post
        yes have done everything possible including FAMILY FINDER DNA. Can't really understand my results on FTDNA though. grr!
        Adoptees and others looking for close family should be looking for matches estimated to be 2nd cousin or closer. Obviously, the closer the estimated relationship, the more information that's relevant to your search may be available from your match. However, even a 2nd cousin may have some family tree information that could be important clues for your search.

        You'll want to contact your closer matches and let them know you're searching for your birth father. Ask if they have any relatives who were living in Brisbane or somewhere in Australia around the time you would have been conceived. Also, ask them to share their family tree information with you.

        If you know your birth mother and have contact with her, ask her to also test. If she won't test, try to get any of her siblings to test. That will help you filter out matches that are coming from her side of your DNA. In other words, if your mother tests and someone matches you but not her, that means the match is coming from your unknown father's side. If the match is in common with you and your mother, then it's coming from your mother's side.

        Another thing to do is upload your Family Finder raw data to the free genetic genealogy website at This website has people who've tested at all three companies. By uploading there, you may find important matches who've tested at AncestryDNA or 23andMe.


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          thank you kindly. Birth Mother doesn't want anything to do with me.


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            Move on and find your father.


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              Sonya30: If your birth mother and her family don't want to have anything to do with you, you'll probably never have help from that area. You can try getting an adoption angel. These are individuals (google Adoption Angel) who give their time and volunteer to help people in your situation. They can help you through the ins and outs of adoption research. Hopefully your bio dad is still living and will appreciate having a child suddenly appear.

              In your DNA matches look for the closest cousins and contact all of them. It make take some time for them to respond since they will have to do some researching in their tree or trees to see where you might fit, and some soul searching about perhaps causing some havoc in their families with asking questions about a situation no one may even know of. Good luck.


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                Hey Sonya,

                I hope you find your father and you build a good relationship with him.

                Your mother doesn't want anything to do with you but that doesn't prevent you from researching her family tree and gathering surnames. You can then eliminate these from your Family Finder matches and that will help you focus on matches that are more likely to be from your fathers side.

                Good luck


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                  thank you for being so lovely and helpful. x


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                    How goes the search in Bris-vegas