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Toki family in Aomori Japan

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    Please refrain from posting any first names of people involved in your research. It would be okay if they chose to join the forum and post through their own account, but posting personally identifying information for someone else is not allowed.

    Family Tree DNA


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      I looked at deleting the entire thread but I can not find that option. Best to remove all my posts from your forum.
      I know I used names in them too and where they lived if they are related or not and other assorted information.

      If I can delete them then let me know how and I will remove them myself.



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        Hi Alan,

        I went through and I think I removed anything that could be considered personally identifying. So you should be okay.



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          Well its been a long time since I posted last. With only 11 5th cousin matches its hard to get excited to log in.

          So Lots of new information, basically looks like we know what village the mothers side of the family is in. Directly finding the mother and sisters has pretty much failed. So we targeted the birth mothers home address and found out that side of the family live nearby. Its just now a matter of time and phone calls to make contact. I am hoping soon, but I hoped that 10 years ago. My wife and I are planing a trip to Aomori and Sapporo in the spring, kind of a plan B.


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            So a tiny bit more info...

            This lead started out with Google maps. I was looking at the mothers home address from 1967 and one day a Scallop store shows up for that address. I have no idea why or how. Anyway this store has the same last name as the third cousin from Aomori, (another story).
            So I had a translator in Okinawa call the phone number listed. A guy answers and say this is the fisherman's work group. Then he goes on to say he knows the grandfather and he had passed away, but the family lives nearby.
            Then says call this other guy and he knows more...
            So the translator called that guy and he pretty much says he didn't know them, or maybe some other family.

            So the grandfather if alive today would be about 100, so that he is deceased makes sense. If there has been turmoil in the family then its likely some people might know of it and want to avoid any conversation about it.

            I found another translator in Misawa that is going to make some calls next month when she is not busy and try to track them down.


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              Japanese phone book

              Time for another update...

              Every time I try to get anywhere with translators it pretty much fails right away.

              So the other day I was searching something on Google and was on page 3 of the results and clicked on something. It brought up a page in mostly Japanese, but had a little English that said Net Phone Book. Well it turned out to be a jackpot!
              I had asked many Japanese cousins and read so many posts that there are no phone books in Japan. Well I found one.
              I don't think I can post links on here so PM me if you need it.
              I used Google web translate, but Chrome will translate using a right click and translate. So its for land lines not cell phones. For free you can view 2000, 2007 and 2012 listings. For 500yen a month you can get 2016 and way back to 1993. I don't how well it will work for everyone. Some people likely just switch over to cell phone, but less likely the farther back in time you go.
              I was able to see the address and phone number of the biol-family. I was able to see who the owner of a fish store that I think is related. I seen other people that are likely cousins.
              I wish I could have found this a long time ago!

              I found someone who is going to attempt contact with the family in the next couple of days. Hopefully they haven't moved.


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                Thank you for the update Alan.
                That phone book is terrific!


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                  Phone Book Subscription

                  So for 500 Yen, about $5. you can get a 30 day subscription to this phone book. That opens up dates back to 1993 and the most current date of 2016. Since I am also looking for the grandfather I want to see 1993.

                  I tried to pay for a subscriptions and failed. I tried my debit card and it wouldn't go through. It gave me an error that I wasn't able to translate because it was in its own window that didn't allow copy and paste.

                  Next I tried the Amazon gift card and I found out I need to have a Japanese Amazon account, the US one doesn't work on the Japanese site.

                  Next I talked to my son about paying with Bit Coin and he was sure how to pay or what was needed to pay by Bit Coin.

                  So now I have resorted to asking cousins and anyone I know in Japan for a favor to get a 30 day subscription.

                  Update on the lady who was going to make a call for us... looks like she changed her mind. Oh well.


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                    It appears to get a subscription to this phone book you need to probably be in Japan. I tried and a cousin tried and we got nowhere with the subscription.

                    One friend tried to call the home and no one answered, likely screening the calls.

                    So I switched plans. We sent a telegram through Itelegram yesterday to the mother home. It was pricey at $51 for a short message with contact information. Its one to two day delivery. They try to hand deliver if they can, so we are hoping it gets some attention.



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                      So after a couple emails back and forth to Itelegram here is what the final word is... The head of house hold refused to accept the message. This was not a failed delivery.

                      Now comes the hard part, getting them to communicate!!