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  • Aaargh!

    Got the initial results from 23andMe—whether the final results will change anything i wouldn‘t know yet.

    A continuation from this thread:


    In 2007 i did a DNA test for origins as i have some unusual physical characteristics for New Zealand (i was born in the mid 1950:s). The results confirmed these characteristics: Northern European (my mother—expected), Greek-Turkish (target areas—made no sense at time), Indian (as in India; target area(s) probably NW India (Panjabi, Hindi, and-or Gujarati)), and a bit of East Asian (= Mongolid), my tending towards the Indian from from the Northern European. This made sense as any Indian markers would be overridden by the Northern European as less and more restricted-in-area markers would be used, most of the punters having European ancestry so there are only cursory target areas for many other areas making them less than expected—for example, in the FTDNA origins for India it only includes the target area of Gujarati, yet Greater India is very diverse in ancestry.

    The test was much more expensive compared to now, so i didn‘t do anything further, a Y37 test would have cost me over NZ$600 should i remember correctly.


    Will leave it at that for now as need to get to bed. And i don‘t feel happy.