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1/2 Sister's mother was adopted- which test?

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  • 1/2 Sister's mother was adopted- which test?

    Hi, my half-sister's mother was adopted, and I would like to buy my sister a kitin the hopes of matching up with some of her relatives, as we've not been able to get a single good lead! Can someone suggest what is the cheapest/best test we can order for her?

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    I am not a DNA guru, but my best results have been with AncestryDNA and FtDNA Family Finder. With Ancestry I found my birth mothers sister in the first results and on FtDNA Family Finder I found a 2 cousin/1R on my birth mothers side of the family.

    The Cheap route is to buy the Ancestry test and once it is processed you can upload the results to FtDNA for $35-40 instead of $99.

    Another plus I find with Ancestry from dual members is their family trees are far more indepth and detailed on Ancestry.
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