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    Some complete the processing more quickly than others. Nothing unbelievable about that.


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      But do all processes START at the same time?
      If so, how do others with Y67 & Y111 tests get their results before my Y37?


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        Originally posted by T0pcat View Post
        But do all processes START at the same time?
        If so, how do others with Y67 & Y111 tests get their results before my Y37?
        See my posts #3 and #8: the batch number is not to be confused with when the vial is batched, so that if someone’s batch number is higher than yours but is a Y-test with more markers then it may be because it was batched before yours with less markers.


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          Having now a debitcard, i can try 23andMe to compare with the FTDNA atDNA results—t’is a pity that one can no longer transfer —i understand— the results to FTDNA, instead one has to be uploading both atDNA results to GEDmatch for comparison; GEDmatch is rather touch and go it seems for uploading.

          The problem with AncestryDNA —this now being possible for being in New Zealand the Australian website— is that i would have to join for a year (?), of which at this time i’ve had enough of researching my mother’s side back many generations, and it is becoming rather tedious especially when one side of one’s ancestry is a blank!
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            Batch numbers correlating to being batched

            Found this thread in the ’Grumbles & Gripes’ section entitled ’Anyone in Batch 570?’, and this runs for 14 pages. From this, plus another 3-page thread, one can ascertain that the date of batching is in order with the batchnumbers being a week apart as follows (from terminal the calender using Unix cal command; assumed dates in square brackets):

            batch 569: batched 2014 may 05 monday (not thursday, day could be mis-entered in thread)
            batch 570: batched 2014 may 15 thursday
            batch 571: batched 2014 [may 22 thursday]
            batch 572: batched 2014 may 29 thursday
            batch 573: batched 2014 [june 05 thursday]
            batch 574: batched 2014 june 12 thursday

            There appear to have been quite a few problems during this period, including long waits for results and failed tests having to be re-run—this from only those who posted of course.

            In further answer to T0pcat above i suggest that different batch numbers being done at different order from the batchnumber could be due to failed tests.

            My batch number is 570, and coïncides with the same batching date as given above.

            Now waiting for a 23andMe test to occur—could be one and a half months awaiting.

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              I must now contradict what i wrote in post #18—one must always allow for falsification.

              (Too late to edit the above post, this should have been first.)


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                Update of nothing happening yet

                Still waiting for the 23andMe results, been six weeks now so hopefully soon, of which i’m pleased will also have the Y and mtDNA designations (didn‘t know this when i ordered it). I know where my mtDNA supposedly comes from, unless my mother isn‘t my mother (should you know what i mean)—one can always hope for a second chance, but i’m not usually that lucky.

                Be interesting to see whether the 23andMe test correlates to a DNA test that i did in 2007 (rather more expensive then, and one cannot compare with this using GEDmatch), and-or with the FTDNA test; the FTDNA test doesn‘t correlate with the 2007 test nor with my ethnic appearance (which is very unusual for where i am born), whereas the 2007 test does correlate with my ethnic appearance.

                Worse, i could be a chimaera: imagine having to find two fathers.


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                  Just got first results in from 23andMe.

                  Will start another thread for this.