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Adoptee searching for birth father and brother!

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  • Adoptee searching for birth father and brother!


    I guess I'm hoping by posting this someone who might know something will read this and can help me out. And if anyone can give me some suggestions I'd really appreciate it!

    My story:
    I was adopted from Brunswick, Georgia in April, 1989 from Glenn County Memorial Hospital. I am one of 5 immediate children (2 boys, 3 girls). I am searching for my birth brother and birth father (we all have a different father <__<).

    I don't know much about my birth father other then that he worked/works for the Glenn County Police Department and he has blond hair and blue eyes and had a 4 year old daughter at the time I was conceived. Someone once mentioned to my sister when she asked about my birth father, the name Mickey Milton or Mitchell Milton... Haven't gotten further then that.

    My birth brother was born on 2/19/1985 and given up for adoption, like me. He was also born in Glenn County Memorial Hospital in Brunswick, GA. -- Our birth mothers name is Sharon Loper.

    All I'm told is he was possibly adopted to a distant family member or friend who stayed in Georgia for about 4 years then moved away and no ones seen my brother or heard from the adoptive family, since... Unfortunately, my birth mother and other relatives won't tell us anything and when anyone does talk, their stories always change. Many secrets in this family...

    I'm told my and my birth brothers adoption and birth papers have gone "missing", its just by chance my sister found me a few years ago. We've been searching for our brother ever since. He's the last piece to the puzzle and finding him would once again unite our family which is what my siblings and I have always wanted.

    As for my birth father, I doubt from what I'm told, he wants a relationship with me but I very badly want to know things about his side of the family such as things I and my future children may inherit, about where he and his ancestors come from and so on. I strongly feel I have a right to know about who I come from.

    Thanks for reading this and I look forward to hearing back from anyone.
    Have a happy and healthy New Year,

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    I wish the best


    I am also an adoptee, so I wish the best success in your search.

    Best regards & Happy New Year!!!!



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      With some of the information you have, I'd recommend you talk with a search angel. They may be able to find information based only on your non id.