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    I recently completed a 4 month 1000 mile mule packing trip from the tip of Baja California (Mexico) to the US border-me and 3 other women. As part of my 45 yr old research of Baja and Alta California early family genealogies, I carried with me FTDNA Y 12 kits. My plan was to use the Y 12 kits to get a sample into the database and later upgrade and do autosomal. I was and am testing males with certain surnames of known mission workers and Spanish soldiers pre-1800 on the Baja California peninsula. For each testee I gathered a 3ish generation tree before I used a kit-and had with me on my IPAD my personal "database" of 4000 names and the 1930 Mexican census of communities on the peninsula. I usually tested 3 different men of a given surname-men who might live in different parts of the two Mexican states. 3 tests for each was critical to sift out NPEs. I hope this guy is taking genealogical info from each testee as without this, what is to be gained in the genealogy department? This is an ongoing project and so far one soldier from 1825 with unknown origins turns out to be descended from a relevant man of the same surname who was in New Mexico with Onate in 1598!!!!

    Another surname tested confirmed that the first man of that surname was on the peninsula by 1760 and was definitely a "filipino sailor who jumped ship!" So for whatever reason this guy is traveling Italy with test kits-go for it but do not forget just how important the TREE is with each testee!


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      Originally posted by dnoone View Post
      I don't have SNPs for my Y yet. 9WNKM is me on Ysearch. ... He was not Irish for sure....

      You do not appear to have a very common haplotype on YSearch. It looks to me that you could possibly be J1 which I believe has Semetic origins, so I would suggest you join the FTDNA Y DNA J project and see if they think you fit in. Good Luck in your search.

      Mike McG


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        I think I am J1 judging from 21.2 on one of my markers. J1 is not necessarily of semitic origins and one of the problems with dna companies is a bias against southern europeans and inaccurate ancestry estimation.

        Lots of it here in southern Europe. In Sicily at the moment. I aim to collect enough dna so I can find the family name and some family. Though hard while living outside moving by bike in disintegrating economy. Others are welcome to join me here as I persuade men here to give me their dna. Nice weather and food.

        I would suggest once the entire middle east was populated by med europeans and they mixed and became lost through entropy. If you look at the high level of Sumerian art and their blue eyed sculptures you can see there was nothing semitic about them.

        How do we tell ancient common ancestry apart from recent admixture? would be interested in writing some ancestry estimator if I ever get into an office and out of the tent.

        Would like to do more testing on my Y to learn more. For instance I am missing Dys445 which often has a deletion of 6 where it comes to Greeks and Italians.