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My Italian dna project

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  • My Italian dna project I am in Italy on my bicycle. Plan is to travel here and collect dna until I locate my own family name here. I plan to leaflet here as a I go and get some media attention. Already this year I have been outdoors most of the time.

    My mother is in Ohio now and refuses to give any information. On her side from Loughrea in Ireland.

    Now for this to be anything other than myself outside in the rain I will need to find other people to work with me on this.

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    I read your blog

    Good luck in your search!


    Only after reading the sad parts of your blog I understood your reasons for your comment in the Watson's thread.


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      I will need to find other people interested . Trying to make leaflet in Italian now to hand out. Also the winter is no time to be outside. Rain is heavy.

      Demographics of Europe are terrible. These countries are dying . If men like me are prevented from fixing things then at least we can live in our tents with a clear conscience we are not paying taxes to states that are making things worse.


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        Is your terminal Y SNP called as M222?

        If not what is your terminal Y SNP, if you are willing to share. I think that no matter the outcome, your trip is something that a lot of people (including me) are jealous of not being able to partake in.

        If you are called as M222, I can pretty much exclude that your paternity is anything but a Irish origin or Isles ancestry male.

        If you are M222, I would put away the flyers in Italy, and enjoy to the fullest a really great trip.


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          I don't have SNPs for my Y yet. 9WNKM is me on Ysearch. Will do more tests as I find backers here in Italy.


          He was not Irish for sure. My mother was abusive to local men and I spoke to them in Loughrea. Her current husband is [email protected] in Ohio. She is one of these Irish who went overboard trying to be British.


          This is info she left in 1975. She has refused to confirm it .
          When I spoke to her first she promised full co-operation etc. but then William Boyd had a bad reaction and gave her a him or me choice.


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            My trip is a nightmare now and people are welcome to join me.
            I am worn out. Was bitten by ticks several times in Switzerland and Germany. Could use a winter indoors instead of being out in cold and rain. Passport lost near Brescia with computer and credit cards .Wondering where to next.
            Irish embassy not useful at all.
            Northern Italy not so easy for camping as lots of farms with very old farmers and their dogs.
            I often encounter Wild Boar in the middle of the night.

            If I find anyone to travel with me might make it a world tour.
            My bike I cannot repair it so proceeding with antique italian single speed. Italians are warm compared to most countries. In Switzerland I approached an army base to ask for parts for my 1905 swiss bike but they did not help even though everyone inside the base was proud of having the same bike. But maybe next year will move to Zurich as a pleasant place to live if you have cash for it ,or can survive in woods with no cash and go dumpster diving.

            Will head south and see all of Italy and give out leaflets and take dna samples. Trying to find a company to work with me on this.

            I stayed recently with a man who had done gene 2.0 and who had been a student in London in those years.
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              Perhaps your mother and her husband might be more cooperative towards your requests for information if you removed some of your online comments about them.


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                I say very little about them and all the nastiness in this has come from their side. If anything I have been too easy going and should have pushed more. I tried to be diplomatic and it was a culture shock for me the kind of people I was dealing with.
                When I first went to my mother's house in Swansea I was stunned to see the resemblance and her only words were " go away or my husband will beat you up" .

                They married in 1999 in Las Vegas. She has no children as far as I can tell and there is an ex-wife for him somewhere .

                The problem lies with them. I attempted to see my mother in 2012 and only put the blog up after I was forced to cycle in the rain in western Ireland and stay with 95 yr old monks in order to find any family information. Even the photos of my mother I found myself.
                One of the men in the photo with my greatgrandfather was still alive in the monastery.
                Her closest relative died 2 years before I visited that village and I had not known of her existence because my mother never told me anything. I do hope to sue her for withholding of medical records now that she lives in Ohio. But will need help with that.

                The Irish state refused to give me my birth certificate. I don't consider these states here legitimate. They committed a hostile act against myself from birth.
                The costs of tracing should be paid by the guilty parties.

                I am going to extremes to trace. Out in winter in a tent in Italy now. I should be in hotels and restaurants doing this not in a tent where any immigrant could cut my throat. My passport and other items already stolen by the way.

                Closure requires getting to know my mother and finding my father. The state is against the individual and his freedom in this. To write seriously about this in the West is impossible. Maybe one could self-publish but one is getting in to why our societies are broken at a fundamental level.

                When people withhold a small thing it becomes a big thing. Information is property.
                Sandy Musser appears to be quite a good writer on this kind of thing. Have not read her books yet.

                The welfare of the child and adopted adult comes last because this is about the child as consumer good. Hence the hiding of birth certs.


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                  Irena Sendler - another country, also Europe, different world

                  She risked her life and stored family/parental information of hundreds, so as adoptees would know their ancestry after the war.



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                    That's an interesting story and will read more about this woman.I admire the conservatism and ingroup solidarity of Judaism and Europeans must develop that to the same extent or perish from the earth. I feel police in West who harm their own people for a steady wage are like the ghetto police. Certainly here in Italy it feels like the state is actively liquidating the natives. The regime here seems to be doing it's best to sink Venice even.
                    No active measures are seen to stop the demographic collapse in Europe , it is taboo to mention it. The usual response I get is that people don't care as long as it all comes crashing down after their death.
                    I prefer being places like Ukraine with relatively young populations.

                    Sandy Musser is american adoptee rights activist. I think these groups are badly organised and there is room for a new group bringing children of sperm donors , children of single mothers, and all suffering identity loss together. She was jailed for releasing birth certificates.
                    Identity theft is a term used in another context but there needs to be a word for what is being done here. I feel as if my father is being legally murdered by my mother with the British state behind her.

                    Was in Odessa last year and big traffic in women and kids there. Childrens names just changed in Adoption to make them a vendable product. It is optional for the adopting parents to tell the children they are adopted. The latest thing is gay adoption ,something I am 100% opposed to.It goes to show the total contempt shown to the interests of the child. Many mothers in England complain to me that social workers are very keen to snatch their children on the slightest pretext.
                    Woe to the innocent.

                    The state made an enemy of me by attacking my identity and heritage when I was born. Irish state still refuses to pay tracing costs. According to man-hating British police woman I am a stalker for wanting to know my father's name.

                    Very happy to be living in a tent and not paying taxes and why would I when the social contract has been broken and I don't have the most basic rights? Italians keep me in food and even give me cash, though their economy on the rocks. And will be persuading thousand or so of them to give me their dna as I cycle south. In Spring will head back to Zurich perhaps. Switzerland super nice country to live in by the way .


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                      Is this a joke?


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                        Originally posted by mollyblum View Post
                        Is this a joke?
                        No, not at all. Irena Sendler was a real person. She was recognized as Righteous among the Nations and nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.



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                          I wasn't talking about Irene Adler or Sendler but the OP.

                          His story is beyond absurd and if true I doubt it is legal to post a persons name and email address on a forum.

                          He is going to test the entire countryside of Italy for paternity? Aside from the cost how to you keep track of which vial goes with which person you meet on the road?


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                            I have also suggested that he might benefit from being a little more circumspect about what he posts online.


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                              Well it reads like a Baron Cohen movie! Bizarre details.