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  • Success in Finding Biological Family

    For the past 8 months I have been helping a friend find her biological family. She was born in the mid 1940's and her adoption was not done through legal means so there was no court papers, adoption agency, nothing. The Birth certificate was falsified to show the adopted parents names so there was no "original" birth certificate to find that would have the real names. So starting eight months ago we had zero clues except where she was born. My friend tested on 23andme and it has been a wild fun-filled eight months. Along the way we were able to come in contact with several people who have been helpful with bits and pieces of information to build a picture. We were able to quickly confirm the family name and the name of her great grandparents. Unfortunately the great grandparents had numerous kids who in turn had numerous kids. After one wrong turn down one branch of the family tree we finally landed on the proper branch of one family that had several sons. After talking with several descendants of the sons one child of one of the sons agreed to take the DNA test. The results came back positive in confirming the father of my friend. For the first time in more than 60 years she finally found out the name of her biological father (who is deceased). This was 1-1/2weeks ago.

    We didn't have many clues to go on in finding her mother but a newly found cousin suggested calling a woman who might know the family. My friend called just to get information from her as she knew the family. As it turned out, the woman is my friend's mother. We had no idea that my friend would be calling her mother! So she found her mother just four days after discovering who her father was. She's now making plans to meet her 80 plus year old mother. She and her mother are excited about being reunited after more than 60 years of separation.

    I wish I could go into details into the twists and turns of this story that has had a happy ending. But I want to encourage those who are looking for your biological family to not give up. If you have to, test on all three of the major DNA testing services. Upload your DNA information into Gedmatch. Although every person we contacted was cooperative and the new half siblings are excited, be prepared for people who may not be as accepting. If you get that far, at least you have made progress in finding your biological family.

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    congrats on your success!!!


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      Khadijah Hawkins


      I am so happy that the story has a beautiful new beginning!

      Congratulations to you all for finding the information!


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        Congrats! I, too, have had success in finding my daughter's father's birth family. I just made contact with a cousin today. She has agreed to test. Very happy.