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A Dreadful Addiction

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  • A Dreadful Addiction

    My wife and youngest daughter suffer from a dreadful addiction: sunflower seeds.

    These are the kind they eat: Tambovski Volk (Tambovski Wolf) Semechki (sunflower seeds). Right below Tambovski Volk it says "your friend" (tebye tovarish), which comes from the Russian rejoinder, "Tambovski Wolf is your friend", which is what you say when someone calls you friend or comrade too lightly. The rest says they are tasty (vkusniy) and roasted (zharenye).

    I say it's dreadful because they leave the shells all over the place.

    sunflower seeds_Tambovski Volk Semechki.JPG
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    If you want Tambovski Volk Semechki, you need to find your local Russian grocery or deli. They'll have them.



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      My daughter Anna will also eat David's sunflower seeds, especially the Ranch-flavored ones, but my wife would never do that. She's got to have Russian sunflower seeds.


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        When I lived in Russia, old ladies from the country used to come into town and sell peanuts (arachkies), which they would pour into a cone of rolled-up newspaper. You could get a bunch of them cheap. That and a Coke would make a great, very inexpensive lunch. Russian peanuts are extra good.