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Past life situations had cause me emotional trauma, how do deal with it?

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  • Past life situations had cause me emotional trauma, how do deal with it?

    Hi folks,

    This is a bit off topic thread. I just wanted to release my thoughts that causing me anxious and I wanted to know your thoughts too, so kindly bear with me...

    Before my dad died, our family and relatives were doing good. We were close and maintained a regular communication. But everything changed when my dad passed away. His death made a gap between our family and our relatives on my father's side. That started 25 years ago. This past 1 to 2 years, a few of our relatives from my dad's side and my 3 siblings started to communicate with each other. They are exchanging messages in FB and messenger. It may sound good that the situation is slowly progressing but I still uncomfortable - I prefer to stand on our own and not depend on them for talk against our backs again. Yes I missed the old times but as we grow older and mature, we somehow prefer to stand on our own. I am anxious having them around, to be honest - so I just often times ignore them.

    I am still feeling the trauma of yesterday's wound.

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    Raspchide, I hope you will try to find peace through forgiveness. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, not the weak. It is about you, not those you are forgiving. You must forgive before you can be forgiven. Join your brothers and sisters in opening your door to your Dad's relatives. Isn't that what he would have wanted?