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  • Free DNA Upload MyHeritage

    MyHeritage Free DNA upload with all features until December 18th.

    I strongly suggest that people do the free DNA upload to MyHeritage. You will see a very different set of matches at MyHeritage. MyHeritage has a much higher percentage of European testers than FTDNA and Ancestry.

    And put a family tree there. The MyHeritage Tree smart matching compares your tree against every tree, not just the trees of your DNA matches. The majority of my tree smart matches are with non DNA matches. This is the reality if the tree creator is more distant than 3rd cousins.

    The MyHeritage ethnicity estimates are not that good so just ignore them. Maybe the next iteration will be a major improvement. Just like FTDNA needs new ethnicity estimates.

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    Definitely agree that (assuming you're not worried about privacy/security concerns) you upload your DNA to as many major, reputable sites as possible. Every site will have different matches, so it's invaluable to have that comparison ability. That was the big draw of GEDMatch; everyone can upload data there. Though with their recent acquisition by a larger company (one which I'm not personally familiar), I'm not sure what the future holds for them.


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      Blast!! Did not see this until today.


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        MyHeritage might do the free upload with all features again in the future. They have had their DNA test on sale for as low as $39.


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          I uploaded my own DNA from FTDNA to MyHeritage before they implemented the Fee. But have other relatives whose DNA I think about uploading, and matches at Ancestry I would inform if I knew that fee was being waived at MyHeritage.

          Double-checked my e-mails - and MyHeritage never sent me any e-mail telling me of the sale on the Fee if one Transfered, just the sale to test there.
          And they didn't publicize it on Geni either.
          What would be the best way for me to keep my eye out for such a future sale?

          Also - has FTDNA had any similar sale with regard to their $19 Fee (again, would pass that info on to matches at Ancestry I was hoping would get results here - maybe it would finally inspire them - have so far gotten one to transfer, but have urged many)


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            loobster, I found out about the recent free transfer to MyHeritage offer from Roberta Estes' "DNAeXplained" blog. She is very timely with posting announcements about sales, free transfers, etc., and is reliable for reporting about what's going on with the various DTC DNA testing companies.

            Like you, I had transferred my own and a couple of other relatives' files to MyHeritage before there was a fee to do so. I didn't get an email from MyHeritage about this latest offer, either. I don't recall seeing any banner ads about the free transfer if I was checking matches at MyHeritage, but perhaps I didn't log in during that period of time. Doing a web search, I see they announced it on their blog. Since I knew about it, I did inform several relatives who have tested at FTDNA, but as far as I know none took advantage of the offer (none replied to me).

            I don't recall FTDNA ever offering a similar offer.


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              I do not remember getting an email either about the myheritage offer of waived unlock fee.

              But I believe my account maybe grandfathered in, over a month ago I transferred two more kits to my myHeritage account and did not have to pay any unlock fee on them.
              These kits can view ethnicity and have use of tools just like my original kits there.

              I will see if other kits get grandfathered in next month. Maybe it was just a oddity that the last ones required no unlock fee (was before the myHeritage offer of waived unlock fee)