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New to the site, a bit confused

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  • New to the site, a bit confused

    Hey there, I am new to the site, and it says my autosomal results are posted on the site and I can view them, but I can't find where to view them when I log in.

    I did the raw DNA transfer from Ancestry on September 9, and was wondering how long it would take for results to come in.


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    When you log in to your account, you will be on what is called your "Dashboard" page. FTDNA just released a redesign of it this week. On the right side, under the heading "Family Finder," select "Matches" to see your list. It will be useful for you to read all the Family Finder pages in the Learning Center. These will explain the other buttons under the Family Finder heading, for Chromosome Browser, Ancient Origins, myOrigins, and several other tools. Also read the My Account pages, so you will understand all the features about your account.


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      thanks, the thing though is no matches have come up yet, I did the ancestry raw dna transfer would that affect anything?


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        I don't have experience with transferring from Ancestry to FTDNA, but I would think two weeks is more than enough time for matches to show up. Try sending them a Customer Support request, or phoning them.

        Are you seeing any other results, such as myOrigins or Ancient Origins?

        Did you test with Ancestry before they changed to their version 2 chip (around May 20, 2016)? If so, you would have been tested on their version 1 chip. There had been problems with transfers of the v. 2 chip for a while, but I'm not sure that is still the case. You may want to read Louise Coakley's blog post, "Should you upgrade your Family Finder transfer" (scroll down to the heading "What don't you get when you transfer?") and Roberta Estes' blog post "Testing Strategy – Should I Test at Ancestry and Transfer to Family Tree DNA?"


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          I re-uploaded it somehow the raw dna thing disappeared from my profile, it'll be a few weeks before I get any matches, like early October

          Thanks, If I run into any problems , I'll fire off a message

          the myOrigins and Ancient Origins are still locked unless I upgrade


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            addendum, my Ancestry DNA was I did is from back in July.