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  • No results since 2018 MT full sequence

    I ordered a kit in Nov.2018 my results have been pending since Dec.2018 Mtdna full sequence no reorder i have called not much help anyone else experienced this? Any Suggestions?

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    It is best to post the same question in only one place.


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      You could try submitting the Customer Service contact form found at the link at the top right of these forum pages. I would suggest choosing the category "Test Result Status" from the drop menu in the form, and in the "Details" field enter the information that you put in your first post here, with any additional details you feel necessary. You will then get an automated reply, which will give you a "Request ID" number, which you should save and use in any further correspondence with FTDNA. It may be a couple of days later, but you should then receive an actual reply from a Customer Service representative. With any luck, you might get an answer. They will probably need to check the status with the lab.

      Was your mtDNA Full Sequence your first order at FTDNA? Or did you have a sample already submitted at some point before, for another test? If the latter, it is possible that for some reason, the remaining sample was insufficient for another test. Even if the mtDNA Full Sequence was your first test, it's possible that somehow the DNA sample was not sufficient to do the test.

      This does not excuse FTDNA from informing you if you sample could not be used for the Full Sequence test, but usually they will simply automatically send another kit to you if that is the case. Make sure that your address listed in your FTDNA profile is your current address, as FTDNA will use the address listed there. Any extra collection swabs and vials that FTDNA sends you should have the same kit number as your original kit, so if it comes to that, be sure to check the number.