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    I came across the National Geographic Geno 2.0 test today, and wonder about the value of it. It appears to offer regional percentages as does FTDNA, deep paternal origins since I'm female this would only be maternal, Neanderthal percentage, next generation sequencing technology ????? haven't the foggiest what that is, and the Helix Ecosystem (? what that is too). There seems to be no relative matching except for historical genius matching which sounds really dumb. So has anyone done this test and have you found it to add to your knowledge of your ancestor in any meaningful way? At FTDNA I have my FF and FMS test which show Ancient Origins and Haplogrouping (both male and female as my brother has tested to Y-67, as well as relative matches.

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    I wouldnt take the test, you've tested all you need already with FF, FMS and your brother's Y-DNA.


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      I figured that the Neanderthal percentage would be just about the only thing new. Here in Ancient Origins I'm 46% Hunter-Gatherer, 44% Farmer and 10% Metal Age Invader and 0% Non European. Since the Hunter-Gatherer is the highest it is likely that I'd have a bit of Neanderthal, but I don't think spending the money for just that tidbit is really worth it.


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        " historical genius matching which sounds really dumb"
        No kidding.....really really dumb. Example, I share an ancestor with Benjamin Franklin about 120,000 years ago. Several others, mostly 30 to 120 thousand years ago. I am appalled that Nat Geographic puts out this type of 'stuff'.

        As far as Ancestry goes, its very regional and non-specific. I am 56% NorthWestern European etc. So not wrong, but hardly detailed.

        My haptotypes were decent at Geno. A minor issue only.

        I dont think you get a lot for your purchase. Maybe a warm fuzzy feeling in that you contributed to Science and to National Geographic. It might be worth it to test your brother there to get his haplotype, as opposed to haplogroup. But you have lots of ways to get his haplotype.

        The cost of Geno is not trivial. You have to take the Helix DNA kit and then the Nat Geo Geno at additional cost. I think the kit is $80 and Geno is $99 so $179 plus s/h if you paid the absolute full price. I may have misunderstood that as their pricing is very confusing and variable. There are lots of sales on the kit and/or Geno. I think the kit is around $40 right now and the Geno is on a strong holiday sale as well. Currently my page says $49 for the kit and $59 for the Geno (although you will get a $20 credit on future stuff). But these prices change all the time...

        I dont regret getting Geno, because I got in on the ground floor at very favorable prices, as in free for the kit and $35 for the Geno. So my perspective is rosier since I have no major dollars involved.

        btw Keigh, we are 'cousins' via Friend and maybe Skidmore

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          There is nothing significant from Geno 2.0 that you can't get elsewhere. Their ethnicity regions are very broad, there's no DNA matching other testers, you can get haplogroups from other places, etc.


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            btw Keigh, we are 'cousins' via Friend and maybe Skidmore


            I have a predicted Haplogroup of R-M269 for my brother. And I'm definitely interested in seeing how we might match through the Skidmores. I'm down from Joseph and Agnes Caldwell Skidmore through their daughter, Sarah who married Jonas Friend, the son of Israel and Sarah (MNU) Friend.