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    Hi, I'm new to the Forum and despite joining a while back I have only just been able to upload my Ancestry DNA.
    So far I think the site is great in many ways, I'm loving my new matches :-) However, is it normal to only be able to see an inch wide portion of a Matches tree at a time? It's very frustrating!


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    Oh my word! So frustrating, I have uploaded a Gedcom of my own tree and I can only see an inch of that too! Arghhh!


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      Enlarge it by hitting the plus icon or CTRL on your keyboard one or more times. As far as I know, that always works. We've been complaining about this for months.


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        You're a star MD, it worked


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          Family Trees

          I have created my family tree, but I too have trouble opening it up and viewing more than a slice of if. hitting CTRL didn't help. Didn't see a + key/tab option. Not a happy camper.


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            It's just the normal + key you would you use on your keyboard Gregory, press it and ctrl at the same time and it should work.


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              Originally posted by Gregory Furan View Post
              hitting CTRL didn't help. Didn't see a + key/tab option. Not a happy camper.
              If you are using firefox, you can use the menu tabs:

              VIEW > ZOOM > ZOOM IN
              VIEW > ZOOM > ZOOM OUT

              VIEW > ZOOM > RESET
              will reset your zoom to 100% where the family tree layout looks normal. The layout also looks normal at 170%, and that is why some people say to hit the CTRL and + keys together to zoom in.

              In my browser there is also a bubble on the right of the address bar that shows the percentage zoomed in on a particular website. I can click on that bubble and it resets it to 100%.
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