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  • Lazarus/Phasing

    I have question with regards to creating kits for ancestors that have already passed. I am lucky in that I was able to have 3 of my grandparents tested but I would like to use a utility to create the 4th(deceased), what is the best way?

    With my kit and the 3 grandparents I can easily identify which portions of my DNA came from that grandparent (I could recreate ~25% with just me if there were a tool). I can also have some of that grandparents children test but I want to know if any tool will allow me to input people that are not related to the kit being generated so that it knows what DNA to ignore so to say?

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    Gedmatch have a new Tier 1 utility called 'My Evil twin' that allows you to compare your DNA against a parent's kit to see what you didn't inherit. So if you enter the kit number of the spouse of the grandparent you want to recreate and run it against one of their children, this will work (hopefully you have one of their offspring tested as it wouldn't work with a grandchild.