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  • DNA paternity testing

    Can anyone recommend a company that can do the most detailed and adequate DNA paternity testing?

    Paternity testing - to confirm if he could be my father:

    I am the adult child and want the test to compare my alleged father with a swap from my mother - and not calculated by comparing to an untested, unrelated, random individual of the Caucasian population. I have heard it is more adequate to compare the three of us.

    Comprehensive dna ancestry test from parents and adult child (me):

    Once I am at it, I want to also do a comprehensive dna ancestry test from both my mother and the man I think could be my dad to find my roots and understand where I come from.

    I don't like to mention the name of the firm I have already used last month, but they only asked for swap from me and the "alleged father", not from my mother. And when the result finally came, 30% of the Allele Sizes were sadly missing in the report. I gave up and want to start over with another dna company.

    Hope someone can help to recommend what tests I need and maybe another dna company I can use. I have North American/ Scandinavian genes ( I think) and maybe need an extra test for native roots (apache).

    Sorry....I might be using the wrong terms, but I am new here. Hope someone can help me in my search for my roots.
    It is urgent since my mother and my "alleged father" are both sick - one with cancer in the last stage.
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    Testing the autosomal DNA for the three of you will accomplish what you want. A parent shares so much DNA with a child, the answer should be clear. The test is called the familyfinder and if you order it online before midnight you can still get the current sale price. The DNA sample is also stored, so even after death, additional tests can be done on the samples.


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      Order Family Finder (before midnight tonight) for each person. Use a $5-off coupon for each one.


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        Should you need a legal paternity test offers such a service. You would need to go to a testing facility for chain of custody for the samples.