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How to contact a paper trail on FTDNA

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  • How to contact a paper trail on FTDNA

    Apologies if this should be somewhere else on the forum, but not sure where it should be!

    I understand that after any DNA test results come back, if I have a match, then I can see the email address of the other kit owner and then contact them by email - so far, no problem with this. It seems to work fine (when they respond of course!)

    But - before my first kit result came back, I did a search for some of my direct ancestors names and found one user who, it would appear, has a very good paper trail back to my paternal 3rd Gt Grandparents - all names, date, children etc etc match up with the data I also have. Ha I thought! When my results come back, I should be able to then find this person and contact them (either through my FF or Y-DNA - even though the users surname is different I can hope )

    But - when the results came back, this users data was nowhere to be seen - so obviously not enough of a DNA 'leakage' to warrant any match.

    So my question now is - how can I contact this user? I know the kit owners name and can search his tree, but there seems to be no way I can contact him until and unless I manage to get a DNA match to someone in his tree.

    Is there a way to do this?


    Melbourne, Oz

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    You might find them over on Gedmatch.

    This has happened to us a few times now. I had thought that a 3C1R with a tree on FtDNA would come up as a match (the gtgt-grandparents of one person are the gtgtgt-grandparents of the other person) but they didn't match. And they didn't match on Gedmatch either. Fortunately the uncle (so 3C of us) did match, but with shared DNA in the lower range for 3rd cousins.

    I'd also hoped with another kit that there would be a match on FtDNA with a 1/2 3C, but unfortunately not. With the gt-grandmothers being half-sisters it would be a great opportunity to single out matches via their father. I found them via Facebook. They do share DNA on Gedmatch, but their longest segment is only about 10cM.

    With one relative (4C) I had to do some detective work to find him. Fortunately he was in the 'phone book.

    You could also put a post somewhere like Rootschat saying that you are interested in contacting descendants of X and Y. You might find some links one day. Rootschat has a private message system so you needn't post your e-mail address.
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      Thanks - I had thought of GEDMatch (where my data is also posted) but again, can't seem to find this person there either.

      Maybe it's something that FTDNA need to look at here - we can search all uploaded GEDCOM's for names but, at present, unless there is a match, we can't contact the owner of the other tree. Would bee nice to be able to do that especially when you can confirm a paper trail connection but, because one of us is 'out on a limb' (so to speak) we don't share any common DNA at present.