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  • Phylogenetic Tree Source???

    For the past 4 years I've been working with Bill Howard on our Johnston line. We've been using 111 markers. I'd format the information, send it to Bill, and he would run the phylogenetic tree for me and send back the results. I have been told that Bill succumbed to cancer.

    Questions: Does someone else have the same software that Bill was using? If so, how do I get in touch with him/her to have our tree updated? If the software is online, can someone supply me with the link?

    Thank you & good hunting,

    Clifford "Cliff." Johnston

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    I think this is what you want. It is a link to ISOGG's discussion of Fluxus. There is a link to the free software on that page.


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      Thanks for the link. It's an interesting program that I'll look into. Unfortunately it is not the one. The program that Bill was using accepted the data in an Excel format using the allele positions and values that FtDNA reports to its customer but in a single row for each person.

      I thought that Bill had worked with another fellow in developing the software, but I don't recall the details. His passing was unexpected by me as he hadn't mentioned his medical condition the last time that we had talked via land line.



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        Bill's work was bequeathed to Sidney Sachs: [email protected].


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          Was it the tool shown here:

          There are other tools on that site that could have been used as well.


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            I have been using the following programs for generating phylogenetic trees

   plus Phylip,

            The mymcgee program accepts FTDNA 111 marker data as published, i.e. with the multi-valued markers.

            On my PC I find that trying to process over 100 results is very slow, but otherwise it appears to work correctly. I have a cluster of 6 men with a common ancestor 12 generations back and their known relationship is presented correctly.