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New Book "Genetic Genealogy in Practice" - Has Anybody Seen It?

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    Originally posted by MoberlyDrake View Post
    Does anyone have any experience of Genetic Genealogy in Practice? It it basic, intermediate, or advanced? I wouldn't want to order it and then discover that it was beginners level. Amazon doesn't even carry it, so I can't read reviews.
    I've been answering and posting here and failed to even answer your original post.

    I have the book. I got it to review as I have done with all of the books. Until now, I had not even read the title until I re-read the posts here. Sorry.

    It is beginner/intermediate level book and I would recommend it to anyone on this forum unless they are extremely experienced genetic genealogists, not that it is not good for them, but they may not need to read it since they would probably know the content. It contains 9 chapters as follows:

    1. Basic Genetics
    2. Genetic Genealogy: Standards and Ethics
    3. Genealogical Applications for YDNA
    4. Genealogical Applications for mtDNA
    5. Genealogical Applications for atDNA
    6. Genealogical Applications for X-DNA
    7. Incorporating DNA testing in Family Study
    8. Incorporating DNA evidence in a written conclusion
    9. Conclusion.

    It contains exercises in each chapter, answers in the back. It is laid out like a training manual - sort of. While I have not read the whole book but thumbed through it. It looks good. I would recommend it to the beginner genetic genealogist for sure, the intermediate, yes as well.

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