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3D Printed DNA

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  • 3D Printed DNA

    I just came across this and it blew my mind.

    They actually 3d printed her face. I've even found cases where they could 3d print body parts already. Heck they even have files online right now:

    Do you think maybe one day we can just 'print' someone's DNA and re-create them?

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    The Guardian article makes it very clear that it is an artistic design, not the accurate representation. And the limitations are not with the 3D printing, but with the inability to acurately determine the looks by using only DNA.

    Ever seen pictures of the same person (not the Photoshop creations) before and after significant change in their weight?

    So yes, knowing weight and age in addition to DNA would significantly help. But then there are hormone therapies that both women and men can be subjected to, and these can significantly change the looks (add pregnancy here too). Any diseases someone went through? Do they exercise (the same weight would be distributed very differently)? Etc.

    The other article is about 3D printing of mechanical devices, not parts of a body in the anatomical sense.

    DNA creation, by 3D printing or whatever process is going to look like? Difficult to say, but surely not in the near future for complete human DNA (even with bioethical complexities aside).

    Mr W


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      Originally posted by whoiis View Post

      Do you think maybe one day we can just 'print' someone's DNA and re-create them?
      Now that would be so much fun.