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Has anyone used Lazarus in GEDMatch

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  • Has anyone used Lazarus in GEDMatch

    I am thinking about going Tier 1 to use Lazarus. One of the things I am thinking I can do is to sort the X chromosomes using a combination of three first cousins. The X inherited in different ways from their common grandparents. In GEDMatch they all have X matches in common with each other. Has anyone used it and got any results out of it?

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    If nothing else, Tier One is worth joining for a month. Its addictive so you might end up joining for multiple months.

    The Matching Segment is very useful as well as the Triangulation. They alone are worth joining. But they do not include the X.

    I have created a set of Lazarus files for a distant cousin. He had tested several relatives. X is included in the results.

    I think 3 first cousins will be enough to create a Lazarus file for a grandparent. But I believe you will also need a close relative but not a descendant of the grandparent to compare against.

    And I am not sure if the Lazarus really provides more insight into the X. You can already see the relevant X segments on the chromosome browser, X matrix and X One to One. But its worth a try and it (Lazarus) should be interesting.

    If you have done FTDNA, then DNAGedcom provides the ADSA which clearly shows your X matches and provides the ICWs. Very Helpful.

    I have triangulated about 10 fourth/fifth cousins to 1739 using the X chromosome, although I did not use Lazarus.


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      Thanks I think I'll give it a go. I can see how it will become addictive though. Feeling like a mad scientist.