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What happened to GENEALOGY-DNA mailing list?

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  • What happened to GENEALOGY-DNA mailing list?

    I haven't been able to browse or search the RootsWeb mailing list GENEALOGY-DNA for about a week. Unable to access any of the RootsWeb mailing lists, in fact. Does anyone know what's happening?

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    I read in a post elsewhere that Ancestry is moving Rootweb servers to their network to have better access or control of the servers, but I don't know if that's the problem.


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      I hope Rootsweb will still be free on the new server. I find it to be a very helpful website for tracing family trees. I'm not sure if this is related, but last night I looked up someone on FindAGrave and the url had an ip address in it instead of the named address.


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        Rootsweb mailing list archives now seem to be back, as of yesterday at least.


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          Thank you!

          This isn't the way I usually get to a mailing list archive, but it worked.

          The link I found is link removed,
          The old link, still not working, was link removed
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            @ John McCoy: interesting. I tend to keep too many browser windows open. Since the lapse, I've had one open for link removed
            link removed

            The above were the addresses I had been using all along; not the one you mentioned. I reloaded those above daily, hoping for the best, and when they came back I could catch up on whatever posts had been done in July. It seems no one has posted in August for AUTOSOMAL-DNA, though. Needless to say, I don't subscribe to the mailing list, but perhaps I should.
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              The normal link to the RootsWeb GENEALOGY-DNA mailing list, which was apparently too scandalous to be posted here, is now working again, but there are no addition messages since August 16, so it's possible the mailing list is still not fully functional. But it has only been a month!

              We look forward to being able to return to this valuable source of news and opinion.