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Could there be some truth to this?

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  • Could there be some truth to this?

    Using FTDNA data I got 9.4% Mediterranean islander with the dna land update. I was surprised at this as my known ancestry is English, Scottish and Irish.
    Now using the same data for the dna tribes update I get 6% Lebanese Cypriot in the regional cluster mixture. Both being above noise level.
    If this is valid I wonder how far back it goes.

    I have to say on the gedmatch calculators I don't get much East Med: 0.15 2.29 0.53 1.65 .
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    Where are these updates you speak of?


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        I'm not convinced that'd be a place I'd send my money.

        I don't think we're at the point where we can identify our ancestry to specific regions at anywhere near the level they are claiming.

        I could be wrong. It's happened before.