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  • Post-office anecdote :)

    A couple of days ago I received my Geno 2.0 kit and diligently went to the post office to return my DNA samples in the provided envelope.

    Good morning, I'd like to send this priority, thanks.

    Post office clerk:
    Sure, no problem (while she looks at the envelope which the words THE GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT written on it)

    She looks at me and says: 'Is this that DNA thing?...'

    ME: 'Yes! (excited that she knew about this). It's such an interesting project, right?!'

    Post office clerk: 'Well, what do you need to know? We all know we come from Adam and Eve right? That's good enough for me!'

    I half smile and said: 'Well, actually that might be true, there was an initial couple probably in Africa, according to science.'

    Post office clerk: 'You see, you already know! Waste of money...'

    Me: '...Thank you, have a nice day.'

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    Also i have had similar discussions with my relatives and friends ,most of them told me : "you don't have to waste hundreds of dollars on this worthless issue because all people have One ancestor in the end "
    Actually i have spent 550 dollars till now on {y67+ff+mtdna}
    Regards and have a nice weekend "thunder"


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      Some peoples' willingness to keep themselves in the dark about these things is astonishing. Always cracks me up to hear stories like this.


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        Nothing to do with DNA, but I took a letter to the PO once and asked for an overseas airmail stamp. The clerk looked at the envelope and said "Italy. That's in England, isn't it?"



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          Well this is an entertaining thread! One of my relatives always says about genealogy, "Why do you care? They are dead anyway."
          My uncle, a fantastic genealogist, tries to get me to relax and take breaks once in a while. He always says, "Slow down - they're not going anywhere"