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    DNA.Land has updated their ancestry composition reports. The new information is shown in a chart & map. Here are my updated results:

    West Eurasian 100%

    North/Central European 82%

    Southwestern European 5.3%

    Sardinian 2.8%

    Ambiguous West Eurasian 3.5%

    Italian 2.3%

    Indus Valley 2.1%

    Finnish 2.1%

    For comparison, here are myOrigins results:

    European 92%

    British Isles 51%

    Scandinavia 36%

    Southern Europe 5%

    Middle Eastern 7%

    Asia Minor 6%

    North Africa 1%

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    My results

    North/central European 86
    Mediterranean islander 11
    West Eurasian ambiguous 1.7
    Can't tell which ambiguous 1.3


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      Mine is 'In Progress' since 8th March 2016. Takes awhile.


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        Originally posted by gatty View Post
        Mediterranean islander 11
        That's an interesting population. Is it Malta, Greeks Islands, Cyprus ?


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          Originally posted by NCroots View Post
          That's an interesting population. Is it Malta, Greeks Islands, Cyprus ?
          Apparently Cypriots,Maltese and Sicilians. It's part of the Ashkenazi/Levantine cluster.
          I am surprised I score this. I don't get it on the Gedmatch calculators.
          Not sure whether Cypriot and Maltese are found on Dna tribes but if they are they are not on my top 75 list(based on Ancestry,FTDNA and 23andMe uploads.)
          Central Sicily comes in at 52 ,Agrigento Sicily at 53 and Western Sicily at 60.
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            Just checked Cyprus is in DT at an average of 81st position.


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              DNA.Land's Results

              North/Central European - 62%
              North Slavic - 17%
              South European - 11%
              Southwestern European - 6%
              Ashkenazi -4.2%

              My Origins
              British Isles - 56%
              Eastern Europe - 23%
              Scandinavia - 13%
              Middle East - 8%

              I'm still coming to grips with the idea that have Mediterranean ancestry (be it called Southern European or Middle Eastern - essentially similar peoples). I'm not bothered by it, but it's never shown up in our family history. We've always been aware of some Jewish ancestry, but my family was only as far south as Southern Germany.


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                Moved my results to the larger thread on this:
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                  Originally posted by buke View Post
                  Mine is 'In Progress' since 8th March 2016. Takes awhile.
                  I had a similar problem, it was due to me uploading a Build 36 rather than Build 37 file. It should take no more than a few days.


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                    Does anyone have a list of all the clusters in the new Ancestry Report?


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                      Originally posted by abmvh View Post
                      Does anyone have a list of all the clusters in the new Ancestry Report?
                      See the other thread on DNA Land in the autosomal dna section


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                        My Results are

                        North/central European 87%
                        North Slavic 8.9%
                        Ambiguous 3.8%

                        Is North Slavic is common among British Islanders?

                        As far as I know I'm 100% Scottish and Irish but I wonder if North Slavic is relate to WHG or if this means I have more recent ancestry from the northern Slavic countries?

                        Funnily enough I do have a couple of Bulgarian matches on family finder for some reason, but I suppose they would be South Slavic or East Med.


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                          Interesting results. It seems like DNA.LAND has more breakdown of regions and subgroups. My map for FTDNA doen't really cover the Benelux region where I have a lot of ancestry but DNA.LAND does and even goes a bit into Sweden where I also have a lot of ancestry. But I question them listing my Asian origin as 8.9% when FDTNA is at 13% since it was my G. Grandmother who was from Japan and 1/8 is 12.5% where as 8.9% is closer to 1/12th. It is highly unlikely she was anything more than Japanese/Korean.

                          Here at FTDNA it suggests I am:

                          European 88%
                          ...British Isles 46%
                          ...Scandinavia 34%
                          ...Eastern Europe 8%

                          East Asian 13%
                          ...NE Asian 13%

                          DNA.Land says:

                          West Eurasian 89%
                          ...North/Central Europe 67%
                          ...Northeast Europe 13%
                          ......Finnish 8.8%
                          ......North Slavic 4.4%
                          ...Balkin 8%
                          ...Gujariati 1.2%

                          Japanese/Korean 8.9%

                          Ambiguous 1.6%