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Just wondering how many generations do you have in your tree

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  • Just wondering how many generations do you have in your tree

    Just decided to question.


    Dad's mother's mother's side - 42 generations traced back, old nobility so the Church & scribes kept excellent records. And yes I have hit dead ends, this is not just one year of research nor by myself alone.

    Dad's mother's father's side - 2nd century AD, proven by lineage & DNA profiling. About 50-55 generations.

    Dad's father's side of the family - 8 generations, I curse the start of taxes and censuses when people were just spelling whatever they heard & were hardly accurate. There's been indication his family is quite old, the surname is not common [either spelling] but trying to draw a line between his version & the other version is like hitting a brick wall with an egg.

    Dad's mother's side - 6 generations. Dutch surname, the English version is so so different from the original version that you might as well call them alien. Until we verify via DNA a relation with a potential Dutch relative, can't go further.

    Mum's mother's mother's side - about 32 generations, again upper class so good records.

    Mum's mother's father's side - about 24 generations, they came from one guy [who near as we figure was some king's bastard son but that's as far as we go] who did extremely well for himself

    Mum's father's side - 17 generations, again higher society.

    I know most of this is likely accurate because a) money has always been in the family, b) my father's parents own a farm in Picardy [France] that has been in the family for generations & a distant relative owns what remains of a farm elsewhere in France, c) grandma used to "hobnob" with the sort of class of people that you'd see sitting at the local pub only when hell froze over, and d) a relative is married to the British royal family.

    That and our DNA profiles are far older [the Y SNPS for example, the HVR1/R2 mutations than most people, finding DNA relations is extremely hard.

    Alas no claim to the British throne, not that I would want it. Seeing as my relation is through the House of Bourbon and the most "recent" the House of Orleans.

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    Generations back, my earliest ancestor here was in 1643 in New Sweden, and he as a common soldier sent over as a prisoner.

    Some people in the family claim that part of that line also descends from an Shawnee girl the daughter of a chief, but the genealogist from the Swedish Colonial Society says "No". I follow their line of descent, so no Indian princess.

    My folks generally are farmers, and peasants so I don't even try to trace back across the ocean. To much has been lost through the years by way of records and there were too many people in the family looking for nobility, so many of the stories I've heard are just that, tall tales.


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      I have ancestry of rural people in Western Finland.

      Generation before me / Count of ancestors found
      17th / 1 (a first name inferred from a patronym)
      16th / 4
      15th / 15
      14th / 30

      Earliest known born
      By tens: 1460 / By year: 1506 / By date: 1 Oct 1640

      Paternal lineage:
      15 Generations of ancestors, earliest born about 1480

      Maternal lineage:
      8 Generations of ancestors, earliest born about 1687

      Most recent unknown:
      father's mother's mother's mother's father


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        I was convinced that we came from a very long line of nobodies, since on both sides of the family, we are from very humble stock indeed. Thanks to German, Norwegian, Danish, and Native American records, I can go back to the 16th century, in some cases, especially in Germany. It has been very interesting to learn much of the history concerning the Native American side.

        One of my 6th cousins of Norwegian descent has traced our family back to way before Charlemagne (to whom everyone is related). Not a big deal, but interesting...

        On the Danish side, a helpful fellow from Denmark has found a connection from our family to the Danish nobility through a documented NPE.

        The German Ortsippenbuch records just show villagers of no great fame-just regular village people.

        On the English/Scottish side, no paper records at all, since my paternal GF is a great mystery. But DNA wise, he is related to the following (Big Y distant matches):

        Shimon Afrikanovich b.1027 - aft.1068, Kiev
        Sir Walter Fitz Gilbert fl. 1274
        Roger/ De Montgomery Vicomte of Hiemes, b. 0975 d. 1056
        Sir James Hamilton, b abt 1390, Lanarkshire, Scotland
        Geoffrey Fitzrobert DeNeville

        So, it has been very interesting. The DNA matches helped with the Norwegian and distant UK ancestry.


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          My Norwegian, Austrian, and German lines will have to wait for someone else to investigate. But on my maternal grandmother's branch, I have lines going back to the year 1,000 and more, especially if I really am descended from the second colonial governor of Maryland (Thomas Francis Greene). I just found a second connection to the Kievan Rus, this time via the Capet royal line of France.


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            We have some lines back dozens of generations. Haven't finished updating mine online yet & generating a gedcom, so I'm not sure, but we ran into a line that someone had traced back to King Harald I of Norway (reigned approximately 850-932), and we have another line that traced back to a Breton knight who invaded England with William I in 1066.

            My direct male line we have only been able to get to the 17th century, presumably because all the church records were burned during the Thirty Years' War in Germany. My direct female line so far is only back to the 19th century in Norway.

            Other lines, again, vary. We have at least few generations of most lines.