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  • Very basic question

    I hate that I have to ask this most basic of questions, however, I can't find the answer on the website anywhere. I have heard that I can download my Ancestry DNA results to this site, is this correct? If so can someone point me to the location to download my results. My searches only lead me to a place to purchase Family Finder DNA tests.


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    Yes you can upload your AncestryDNA data to FTDNA. First make sure you have downloaded it from Ancestry. Then use that file and upload it here:

    If you already had a kit from FTDNA, then make sure you press the link in that page about it. If not then it will create a kit for your results. Remember that it will show you 20 matches for free. To unlock more either get 4 other kits transferred with a link that will look similar to the one I provided located in your kit or pay $39.

    The link I provided will take you to the Autosomal Transfer page plus help me unlock a kit myself.


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      It sounds like you can help the other person by going to his link, but generally you just go to the main page and in the upper left is a category called DNA Tests and then you select Autosomal Transfer.