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Fabricated DNA

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  • Fabricated DNA

    This is an article from 2009, so it's not new science and there's a few articles about it on the Web, so I guess it's factual:

    According to this fake DNA can be made by separating the white blood cells from a DNA sample and replicating them by "genome amplification" (must be like they do with old, decaying DNA from fossils), then mix it back in with the red blood cells. You have a whole new DNA sample that you can do just about anything you want to with. The reporter says that the system isn't infallible for toying with either DNA evidence from crime scenes or any other kind of use an imaginative person with no morals could think up as there's a difference in "methlyation."

    Not specifically a subject about DNA ancestry, but a whole lot more peripheral science that goes with it. What else could a pretender to the throne dream up...