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    I'm new to DNA and trying to find my way along. I only have a 12 marker test so far... waiting for a 37 upgrade and family finder result.

    Like a lot of British men I'm R1b and I think a predicted M-269 but I wonder if there is something interesting on DYS19 where I have a 15. I'm so new I don't know how to understand this result and would be interested what people think?

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    If possible I would recommend you test at Y67 minimum. 37 is ok but there is a huge difference in the 37 and 67.
    Think of static on the old am radio and how a little tweaking on the dial clears things up.67 will clear out much of the clutter.


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      111 Markers

      ONLY 111 Markers will give you, who your CLOSES Cousins are. I've been here since 2013 and only have 3 matches. ALL of my other cousins stopped at 37 or 67; we CAN'T get the info that we need to carry on. Example: at Marker DYS534, "I" = 13, while the rest of my Dists. cousins = 16 & 17. DID my Closes Cousin and I move on, Did my Dists. Cousins move on; is this "13" due to MY heart condition??? ONLY 111 Markers or "SNP's" can help up with this.