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    I understand

    Originally posted by M.B. View Post
    I insisted on the difference between assimilation and integration because here in Europe some leading politicians seemed to mix both up in a populistic approach.
    I understand.


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      Originally posted by MMaddi View Post
      I'll just point out again that ISIS is an equal opportunity murderer.
      It seems the world leaders are bombing the wrong side because the migration is caused by people fleeing Assad, not the IS, see here:

      Originally posted by DWFlineage View Post
      I mention Arwa Damon,...
      I don't need a CNN reporter, I am working in an asylum camp in Germany and I can talk to the refugees directly. They confirm that they are fleeing from Assad.

      And as the world leaders seems not to be willing to get rid of Assad, many of these people will indeed stay in Europe, so this is going to be a permanent migration having a significant impact on the the population of Europe. I guess over the time millions will come and stay here. Am I worried about that? Not at all. I am more concerned about the people inside Syria:
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        Originally posted by PDHOTLEN View Post
        Germany needs lots of intelligent workers for its industrial value-added productions. It reminds me of the nazi regime bringing in lots of foreign workers.
        Are these people qualified?

        A lot of the "refugees" - and everyone knows the easiest way into a country is to claim "refugee" status [authorities did after all identify an ISIS member claiming refugee status but a few weeks ago trying to get into another country] as no one EVER does a background check on you - that are problems in France right now [attacking truckers, breaking into trucks, etc.] are not qualified to work. Most of them probably don't have any education or very limited if that.

        That is the reason why they are travelling like ants to a giant pot of honey to the bleeding cash-cow known as the UK; to take advantage of the gapping wound that is the welfare system there.

        Originally posted by DWFlineage View Post
        People of different backgrounds and beliefs undergo assimilation when, through living together, they come to see themselves as part of a larger community, or when a small group is absorbed into, and made part of, a bigger group, such as the Irish immigrants in America in the 19th century.
        I have no intentions of being rude, however I am saying in advance being former military I am quite direct and many people do not like the right-to-the-point / cut the "crap" attitude... so any rudeness is non-intentional.........

        However, what you're describing does NOT so really happen in reality.

        Most of these refugees - particularly very traditional Muslim / Arabic refugees - would rather cut off their right arm than "assimilate".

        There is, after all, a reason why the rape stats in Sweden and a number of Nordic countries have quite literally jumped through the roof with the influx of "refugees" arriving in their locations.

        In fact, for myself, a long time friend whom is Swedish has told me don't come - I usually visit him at least once a year during holidays or relatives from Denmark [he has actually come here to the North Americas this year] - because being blonde and "pixie" like in appearance I'd be targeted as MANY blonde Swedish women are [a number of them have taken to dying their hair black for their own safety].

        This is just one story. Now tell me again about your assimilation.

        such as the Irish immigrants in America in the 19th century

        Certainly you jest. If you are talking DNA-wise, that goes without say.

        Culturally - totally different story.

        The Irish haven't assimilated - oh they've tried, and they're still considered "scum" in a number of North American cities. I have a pronounced Irish accent which I picked up from my grandmother - a very tough Irish woman who will be 98 this upcoming year and the way she's going, will probably live quite a few more - and I don't use it at work [I taught myself years ago how to adopt a N. American accent because growing up in a hicks town my accent (it changes - sometimes I sound UK, sometimes European; comes with having a wide spread but tightly knit family in many countries and living in different countries) was always part of bullying] because the one time an Irishman came into the doctor's office where I work [had a lovely Irish accent much like Liam Neeson] my educated colleagues were making all sorts of comments about his accent when he left.

        Hence why you'll find little Irish "towns" inside major cities. Like you'll find little China towns, and little India, and little Russia, and little Polands, and little Italy... you want me to give you a list of so called assimilation in the US.

        I studied ethnics and cultural aspects - employment, stats, etc. - all through university. I have worked with a number of down trodden groups as part of my university and kept those connections afterwards - in the US and elsewhere. I have a number of published books AND articles on it.

        I could poke so many holes that by the time I am through the idea of assimilation [US and many other countries] would look like a piece of Swiss cheese that has been dragged through the bushes backwards a couple dozen times.

        Cultural assimilation - well, it is one of the best lies that man ever came up with.

        Originally posted by DWFlineage View Post
        This is so sad to see this mass migration by these families from Syria; literally running for their lives from the Assad regime & ISIL.
        How much do you know of the mid-east?

        If we followed that numbskull Obama - who has NEVER acknowledged ISIS, who has done NOTHING to curb that behavior, who roughly two years ago gave away the near exact location of US soldiers fighting in the mid-east on national news if not international news before military officials basically told him to shut up, who the mid-eastern leaders won't even acknowledge as obvious by their snubbing behavior whenever they meet [when he welcomed Saudi's ambassador was it last year] - then Syria would be more fked than it is now.

        It was the big-headed west sticking its nose literally where it did NOT belong by removing the so called "tyrants" that birthed ISIS. Because the west removed the tyrants - the linchpin of the rabbles' hatred [and the rabble make up 99.5% of ISIS's followers, as I bet none of them have ever read the Qurʾan if they even know how to sign their names as a vast majority of the ISIS's followers are ill-educated] - and created a vacuum which the west has so conveniently filled in their minds.

        The mindset that the "tyrants" enforced has existed in the mid-east long before the bull-in-a-china-shop US was even a thought in the back of Columbus's mind. The first acknowledgement of al Qaeda was in the early 1800s by the British after all.

        "Terrorism" didn't suddenly rise out of nothing.

        Problem is, is the west hasn't a rat's clue about the east. To the west it is all one big culture based on religion - such a mindset is so laughable it brings tears to the eyes.

        There's religion and then there's dozens upon dozens of cultural and familial sects in the mid-east. It is literally a maze.

        You want an example - Jihad John's "poor" family belongs to a cultural sect in the mid-east viewed as less than dogs, with the same contempt UKers give to gypsies. Unwanted "trash" if you would. But to the average person they were just poor refugee Muslims.