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    Originally posted by kevinduffy View Post
    No one is claiming to know exactly when U106 first arrived in Ireland but the most likely time period is sometime within the last thousand years or so and was probably brought by the Vikings, Normans and/or British.
    You contradict yourself.


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      Originally posted by MMaddi View Post
      Well, golly gee! That's actually based on Dr. Iain McDonald's analysis of the ages of U106 subclades and the geographic distribution of the subclades today, along with the knowledge that's been obtained about the population history of R1b in Europe by two recent scientific studies. Of course, you reject those studies and any conclusions drawn from them, although when it's convenient for your arguments you do cite Iain's work, which is based on data from over 450 Big Y results of project members.

      Evidently, you and the Mad Hatter School of Population Genetics have some unpublished "evidence" that would refute these misguided studies. For some reason you and the leading academics of the Mad Hatter School of Population Genetics don't feel compelled to publicly release that "evidence." Perhaps you prefer to rely on your stating that your intuition should be enough "evidence" to accept your views.

      Nice try, though.
      Did Dr. Iain McDonald not suggest that U106 expanded out of Germany 4,600 ybp and were connected to the Bell Beaker cultures?
      If you look at the map of the spread of the BB cultures, especially the Rhine and Dutch BB, there is a possible link between U106 in the Isles and those type of BB.


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        Originally posted by 1798 View Post
        You contradict yourself.
        Please explain how if you can.