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    Originally posted by David Guetta View Post
    My best friend's grandfather and great grandfather/grandmother were aboard the Titanic and survived; he is in the FTDNA database (Y-DNA and FF) so there is a tenuous connection. My friend's great grandfather eventually committed suicide due to emotional health issues resulting from the sinking. He wrote a pretty chilling account of his experience.
    So horrible


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      Here is one of his accounts of the experience:


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        A rather chilling account.


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          On a serious note. What about the people on the ship in the semi flooded areas who were drowned by the Captain to save the ship? Was that not murder? The lack of lifeboats and the lack of a few brain cells all led to the terrible loss of life. It didn't need to happen.


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            Originally posted by 1798 View Post
            The captain and the engineer were educated people or not.
            You clearly "academics", the Captain and the Chief Engineer were not academics. Skilled, experienced maritime men in their fields, but not academics.

            Captain Edward Smith was an experienced captain. In 1911 there was a collision between White Star Lines Olympic-class ship "Olympic", with Captain Smith at the helm, and the Edgar-class cruiser HMS Hawke, both ships managed to stay afloat.

            Smith was quoted after the event stating:

            "The Olympic is unsinkable, and Titanic will be the same when she is put in commission." He continued, "either of these two vessels could be cut in halves and each half would remain afloat almost indefinitely. The non-sinkable vessel has been reached in these two wonderful craft." "I venture to add," concluded the Captain, "that even the engines and boilers of these vessels were to fall through their bottoms, the vessels would remain afloat."

            Smith had also been quoted as saying "I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. I cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that."


            So here was a man who was totally confident in his own abilities and in that of modern-shipbuilding.

            Chief Engineer Joseph Bell termed the Titanic "practically unsinkable":

            "While Harland & Wolff claimed that it never advertised the Titanic as unsinkable, a White Star Line brochure indeed said that the Titanic was designed not to sink. The media of the day, of course, seized on this idea of an unsinkable ship."


            Originally posted by 1798 View Post
            Were they morons? Sailing at full speed into an area full of ice bergs. I would think that even the people clinging on to the sides of the ship as it was going down thought that the ship was unsinkable. It was the mindset. They believed what they were told so there was no hope for them.
            Misguided? Yes. These are people who had every confidence in modern shipbuilding and in their own abilities. Unfortunately, they did not take heed of warnings, and the captain made the split-second decision to try and avoid the iceberg rather than hit it head on. If the captain had hit the iceberg head on, several hundred people who were housed in 3rd class sections at the front of the ship would likely have been killed and the ship may have managed to stay afloat, but the captain took his chances.

            Allen Gibson "The Unsinkable Titanic" (2012)


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              1st the concept of the Titanic being unsinkable had absolutely nothing to do with academics as mentioned. Unless you found some unique reference Captain Smith never graduated anything resembling university. And I don't believe Joseph Bell, the head engineer, graduated university either. I don't even think they went to college. They did "apprenticeships" which unlike nowadays you didn't need any formal education to partake in - oftentimes it was uncles, family, etc., that got you into the "business" and nothing more.

              From an academic standpoint was the captain or engineer graduates of some unknown program that calculated the chances of ships sinking? Was there some unique training they underwent which told them this?

              As N21163 said - their knowledge merely came from what they had learnt from X years of working in their field. I, personally, am on par with someone educated in computer programming (university) because I have played with computers for years but I have not one single computer programming course under my belt.

              The concept of unsinkable was a "slogan" constructed by White Star Lines to literally sell tickets. It was used as mentioned with other ships - in fact I believe almost all of the large White Stars were classified as unsinkable at one time or another [it was what the White Star was known for, that and having the fanciest ships] until the Titanic literally took the wind out of their sails with that dub.

              Slogans are gimmicks - 80% even 90% of the time are nothing more than lies meant to appeal to the average (oftentimes uneducated) joe person and have absolutely no backing whatsoever.

              I could offer tickets for the "ride of your life, an experience unlike any other" and send you over Niagara Falls in a beer keg. I'd still get people interested / turning up cause of the appeal to that gimmick / slogan.

              Were they morons?

              In a way yes and in a way no.

              People believe that handless bluetooth capable phones are safer for driving than handheld phones and yet recent studies are proving that bluetooth is as dangerous as handheld. Are the people whom believe bluetooth phones safer morons? Not anymore than anyone whom believes without doubt anything they are told... that's the nice thing about possessing the ability to think for yourself, you don't blindly believe everything you're told (as in you are not a sheeple as they say).

              They were morons for believing what White Star said / sold as the gimmick. But they didn't know any better & had absolutely no way what so ever to prove otherwise.

              So would still make make them less moronic than people nowadays with research (easy access of) into going with the example above... the dangers of talking on a cell & driving.


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                Okay, case closed.