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    I am a newbie to DNA and have been studying how it works while awaiting results for my own family. It dawned on me last week that my husband and his 1/2 brother share more then just their fathers DNA. Their mothers were cousins......related strictly on the female sides by their great grandmother. Not only do they share their fathers DNA but their mtDNA is the same, too. Am I correct in thinking the only difference between the two would be autosomal DNA? Are there any DNA research projects that would be interested in testing these two? We have a solid paper trail. I am still trying to wrap my head around this.

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    Yes, their both Y-DNA and mtDNA should be very similar. It does not need to be identical, as mutations do happen from time to time. And one never knows when

    I cannot comment on the DNA research angle (I am not a scientist).

    However I have a comment. Until recently, general population mobility was quite low. A village behind a hill or across a river could be just too far. And when doing genealogical research, I have seen plenty of family ties like you had just described and ties similar to them. Additionally, there were other reasons for endogamy beyond geographical separation.

    Good luck with your genetic genealogy!

    Mr. W.