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Skull Fossil Offers New Clues on Human Journey From Africa

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    Did you read Klyosov's original paper, in Russian? His views were much more (ahem!) obvious in that one.

    Klyosov believes that Africans were not really human until "Europeoids" admixed with them, bringing them true humanity.


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      "Also who decided to call the African haplogroup A ? Isn't that bad science?"

      The old African mitochondrial haplogroups are varieties of L. The letters for Y and mito haplogroups were chosen more or less arbitrarily. I wouldn't say it has anything to do with the quality of the science, which is actually pretty straightforward and convincing if you take the trouble to look at the evidence.

      For both mito and Y groups, the deep African lines have a much smaller proportion of their SNPs in common with non-Africans than any two non-African people have with each other, no matter where outside Africa they are from. For the Y, look at

      The yellow A lines are independent for most of their length (SNP count) from all the other lines, which means that most of their SNPs (but not all) are different from all those seen in the rest of the world. The same is true for mito haplogroup L0-L2.
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        Hello all,

        I am all up for lively debate on the forum but please no name calling. Let's keep the discussion academic.

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