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Latin birth records, anyone can decipher?

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  • Latin birth records, anyone can decipher?

    I have a birth record from a friend that is in Latin. I would like to know if maybe someone could decipher, the information right by the red notation.

    It was taken with a cell phone from an old church book in S'Olcese, Genova, Italy.

    Since I am not familiar with Italian birth records, I can't collect the names on the record.

    Attached the image.
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    320px × 212px ?

    You need something visibly better, otherwise it could be in modern English

    If you can decipher letters, then Google translate can help you.

    If you cannot, then you need somebody good with Italian handwriting, although if the sample was larger (not just better quality) all the letters could be probably easy to learn, as the script looks legible.



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      Yes, that image is impossibly small. When I expand it to a size at which the writing should be legible, it becomes so pixelated that nothing can be made out except the dates.
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        If you're on Facebook, you may want to try posting to the Genealogy Translations group -- though with a much larger image, as the others have said.



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          Thank you so much

          It is very small, the original is this small! It his any better?

          I tried to make it a little larger.

          I could read something like: Janus Baptista Torre filius Janus Baptista et (it is probably mothers name)....this is definitely a challenge.

          I found a website where you can send letters to the tow and they would look for on their records. The priest on this church this friend of mine (82 year old man) visited, even looking at the original, he could not tell the man what it says. Poor man went all the way to the church and pictured the document. I feel bad and wanted to help you. If anyone could get any clue of the names than it would be awesome (or the facebook page Elise mentioned). Otherwise I will give a shot on the letter thing.
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