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Sesostris I Kheperkere pharaoh dna match?

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  • Sesostris I Kheperkere pharaoh dna match?

    Hi all I have a dna question here maybe some of you can comment on. On my matches maps most of my matches were in Europe & USA. Some were in Russia a couple in South Africa and one which intrigues me in Alexandria Egypt as an exact match. This is mtdna hvr1 and we are talking probably over a thousand years ago. The lady has a different surname does not match anywhere on my family tree which I would put as 85% in Europe. I do not know of or have no record matching to any family in Egypt. I realize this is mothers mothers mothers for generations but the lady claimed on the map info the earliest ancestor of hers was a Pharaoh called Sesostris I. So here is my question. Do I take the marker location of Alexander Egypt as location of this very distant ancestor that I share with the lady that is an exact match with me? If she indeed descends from Sesostris I do I take it that I would as well in a long way around from that pharaoh? Has anyone proved a dna link with a pharaoh? Comments please

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    She was joking... Was there a smiley face there ? It should have been there...

    Here are articles from Wikipedia you may want to consultThe last one has many references, and for example redirects to a page Ancient DNA at, and that is probably the shortest read...

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