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    Anyone that is interested in Surname Studies such as those found in many of the FTDNA project pages might be interested to know that The Surname Society, based in the United Kingdom, have now launched their official website here:

    You can apply to join this new society for a small fee and you are then able to register your very own surname study, or multiple surname studies, from anywhere in the world, for free. Please do note that the website is currently in its infancy and so is still under development. Therefore, there are some features which have yet to be added in the coming weeks or months, such as a gedcom uploading facility for example.

    Hopefully, this will be of interest to some of my fellow genetic genealogy researchers and group administrators over here at Family Tree DNA.
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    Thank You. One name studies are quite useful.


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      Officially Launched on 10th November 2014

      The Surname Society was since launched officially on 10th November 2014.

      Membership is open to any individual, group or association with an interest in surname studies, regardless of their location in the world, the surname they are studying, or their level of research expertise.

      The Surname Society was founded as a not-for-profit entity focussing on single surname studies. The cost of membership is just £5 per annum with no hidden extras. You can register as many names as you want on either a restricted or worldwide basis, collaborate with others, share in the educational opportunities offered and a plethora of resources in the Members’ area of the website including a fascinating quarterly e-newsletter and the School of
      Surnames, with many other developments in the pipeline in due course.

      So, take a look at The Surname Society and if you are interested, join!

      twitter: @surname.soc
      email: [email protected]