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  • Finding your roots, or etc. on TV

    I was loosely looking at the latest program, sponsored by Ancestry, when I couldn't help noticing that Anderson Cooper's southern line might be indirectly connected to my own direct maternal line. I see the name Cooper popping up fairly often on Ancestry. And he has an ancestor who was murdered by a rebellious slave in Alabama (I think it was). That wealthy plantation owner's last name was Boykin. I have a low strength match in Family Finder with that name (now in Texas, it looks like). But he gives no information. I saw elsewhere online that a Boykin was on the Pee Dee River in SC/NC, e.g. Anson County, NC.

    After the Revolutionary War there was a mass movement by all sorts of families into the newly opened territories of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi; from the Carolinas/VA, etc., to grow that new cash crop: Cotton. For some reason my own line decided to go north-west to Kentucky, and later Indiana.
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    I notice that the above ^ Boykin match is no longer in my FF matches list. Why was it deleted? Maybe the cm threshold was raised sometime back. Or maybe it is an unfriendly act. There is another match with no name, but with an extensive tree. However, everyone on that tree is "private". That is obviously an unfriendly act. Since I went to the trouble to do a bit of research on Boykin, it obviously was there at one time. Anyway, he belongs to an interconnected network of surnames from the South, so I can live without that match.


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      I was watching that episode, also, and thought I heard some familiar locations. Next week, I think I'll have my family tree open and check on any familiar names as they whizz by.


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        Tonight on ABC news, David Muir showed his family tree results, via Mr. Gates' research. His paternal line came from Scotland, and were in the upstate NY area. Hmm... I have a George S. Muir who married Sarah Missouri Green, b. 1836 in Indiana (sister of a direct ancestor of mine, Charles Green/Greene). I notice that George Muir either was born in PA or his father was. So maybe it's a small world.