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Does Forum atrophy exist?

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  • Does Forum atrophy exist?

    When I consider the several Fora (posh Latin plural!) that I have joined over the years I can report that all seem to have withered and slowly died.

    Actually a couple have suddenly imploded just after I have joined. I'd like to think that it has had nothing to do with me. Please reassure me - if you can.

    Is there an Autumnal tint to this Forum?

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    I think a lot depends on whether a forum is over moderated. My own enthusiasm for this forum waned considerably when a censorship regime was introduced where posts were moderated and sometimes deleted before being posted and when the incomprehensible kvetching concept was introduced.

    I have also recently seen a situation on another forum where several months of interesting threads were suddenly mangled because a moderator obliterated a single user. When that sort of thing happens users lose confidence and interest.


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      Too many categories for my taste.


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        I've never seen the forum this dull on DNA day!!!

        (I agree that there are too many categories.)