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Across the italian and french alps.

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  • Across the italian and french alps.

    Good morning.

    The italian and french alps are like a mystic place where we don't hear to speak about ancestries. The alps, a place of a mutation between R1 haplogroup and R1b haplogroup there is 25 000 years.
    If you look the website eupedia, we find for the ancient DNA,some R1b in France in the late neolithic and chalcolitic. For the late neolithic the date is perhaps 3300 years before jc. Can I think that a part of R1b haplogroup has lived into the italian and french alps during perhaps 21700 years?


    manuel Mahé

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    Alps & R1b


    As an R1b with L11*/P310* classification, there is a 'hot-spot' of L11* right around the pocket formed by Sth Switzerland, West Austria & Nth Italy.

    So it has been part of our research to understand how our L11* ancestors got there.

    During this research we listened to Dr Hammer's presentations (nov 2013 & London Feb 2014) on R1b in Europe.

    The current thinking is that R1b came to western Europe in the late Neolithic and in a very short period displaced the dominant G2 Y lines that were there beforehand.

    This link will take you to one of Dr Hammer's presentations (he is chief scientist for ftDNA). It takes careful reading but reflects current thinking that R1b is very recent.

    Cheers DSM