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Group Project Administrators are MIA, What do I do?

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  • Group Project Administrators are MIA, What do I do?

    What now?

    I'm trying to learn but I'm still new to the DNA aspect of research. I joined a surname project group a while back with a YDNA 67. When I joined, I had a few questions, and the administrators were great help. There's only two of them. But then I upgraded the one kit and had three other cousins take a YDNA test. I manage their kits and wanted to join the Project but no response. The upgraded kit never changed on the result charts either. I emailed the Admins a few times, and still no response. I hear the one guy was in his late 80's. I hope all is ok with the two of them, but it's been a while. So, my question would be, What happens when the administrators are MIA? At what point does or can FamilyTreeDNA step in? I wouldn't mind being a co-administrator but tell you the truth I really don't know much about DNA yet. I would probably be worse than having none at all. I'm just curious because I would love to see more action with the Group Project. So, until then, I'm kind of at a standstill. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    One thing FT-DNA can do is see how long it has been since they each logged in, which will be telling. FT-DNA also have a requirement that admins respond to email within a specific time frame (Maybe 24 hours? Not sure.), so if the admins are not responding to you, you can mention that, too. As you correctly anticipate, that might result in you being asked to be the admin, LOL. But I disagree that you would be worse than no admin. Even if you simply admitted new members and responded to email requests, that would be a big plus.

    You will be able to contact fellow project members and possibly cobble together a group of admins that can share the load. And there are lots of resources to draw upon. I encourage you to contact FT-DNA with your concerns.


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      Thank you Teri R.!!! I appreciate that. I wouldn't mind being a Co-administrator but there is so much to learn. I'll give it a little longer and then maybe contact FT-DNA and see what they do. Who knows, maybe the Admins were on a very long vacation Thanks for the reply.


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        From FTDNA. They are working on addressing a lot of projects that no longer have active admins. First Qtr of 2023.

        " If you would like to help, let us know by writing to [email protected] with "Adopt a Project" in the subject line.



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          I am currently the admin of the Y-DNA project for my mother's maiden surname. That came about when I tried without success a couple of years ago to contact the previous admin, who was a great guy, a great admin, and usually super responsive. I knew that about him because we had exchanged a number of emails back in 2012. When he didn't respond this time, I did some digging and discovered he had passed away a year or two earlier, and none of the members of the project had noticed! I contacted FTDNA and explained the situation to them. When none of the project members stepped up to replace the old admin, I volunteered to take the job.

          Moral of the story: sometimes dead projects are run by dead administrators.