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    Let me begin by saying I have never had a problem with anything from FTDNA. When I transferred autosomal data in August 2017, it was added with no problem and when I took my Y111 test a year ago, the results were completed within the expected timeframe. Even the single SNP test I later took was done and the results added with no problem. So I have been and continue to be fairly happy with the company.

    All that said, I have been looking forward to the annual sale hoping to order the Big Y-700 test. Well, that day has come and I'm a little disappointed about the pricing. Considering I have already taken tests and paid for them, I find it a little odd that the total cost ends up being more than it would be if I just ordered the Big Y-700 as a new customer. Here is what I mean: using today's sale pricing for the Y111 ($199) and then adding the sale price for the upgrade to Big Y-700 ($229) the total cost is $428. However, if one orders the Big Y-700 outright, the sale price is $379. So I feel like those of us who worked our way up, so to speak, are being punished by having to pay more overall - and especially since (normally) a new kit does not need to be sent to us.

    It it understandable that those of us who have not taken the Big Y-700 test are encouraged to do so, and we are usually advised to wait for "the sale". But the upgrade is only $10 cheaper than it would cost normally, which doesn't seem like much of an incentive.

    Okay, I feel better now (as I put away my soapbox).


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    When I paid for my brother's Y DNA test last year during a sale period (He had already done Y-67) I clicked on "Add Ons and Upgrades" at the top of the page and there was an an additional price reduction.


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      That's where I looked, and the upgrade from Y-111 to Big-Y700 is $229.00, which is the same price as what is being advertised in the email that has been sent out. I just find it odd that as much as the Big-Y is pushed (and for good reason) that there isn't more of an incentive during the sale periods.


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        You might wait to see what it is during the Black Friday Sale - the one probably starting right after or very soon after this one ends on Nov. 21 - that has recently been their best prices. But no guarantees.


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          Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for that one.


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            I might have hopped on board the upgrade idea a few days late. I'm seeing the $229 upgrade from Y-111 to Big y-700. Was it better a few days ago, or is that as good as it has been?


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              FTDNA has Black Friday sale through 11/30 so sign on and check your upgrade price. Anyhow the sale price for upgrading from Y-111 to Big Y usually only saves about $10 so maybe a sale is not worth worrying about.