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y-111 results timeframe

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  • y-111 results timeframe

    How long does it take to get y-111 results?

    My kit has been under analysis since 1 September.

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    The learning center page says 3-6 weeks after being batched is typical. There have been some messages about delays due to COVID-19 disruptions adding 2-4 weeks to tests depending. Those disruptions could be anything from staff to supply chain issues. That being said, if your kit was batched 1 September, I would think that your results should be posted fairly soon. Sometimes there are quality control issues that can cause a restart of the testing, which you would have to contact support to find out if that is the case.


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      FTDNA's GAP says

      Lab average turnaround times as of 6 October.

      Test 6-Oct-2021
      Family Finder: 2-4
      MtDNA: 4-10
      YDNA: 4-5
      Big Y: 8-10
      SNPs: 3-7
      The numbers are weeks. This put you just above average.