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    Uploaded a family tree a week ago and still getting this message "We are working on uploading your Gedcom. You will receive an email notification when completed. Please check later."

    How can I get rid of this or delete the tree and upload it again?


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    You can't delete it, you have to contact FTDNA and get them to deleate the tree, trouble is no garantee the gedcom will upload correcty next try. This is a problem many of us are having... I've had this problem a number of times on a couple of recent kits, the gedcom worked on one kit the 2nd time I uploaded but not yet on the other kit. Same gedcom works fine on every oether site, ie Ancestry, MyHeritage, Geneanet, FMP etc... FTDNA still have a long way to go with getting thier IT up to scratch..

    See this reply I got from FTDNA recently.

    >Thank you for contacting FamilyTreeDNA!
    >Occasionally GEDCOM files will become stuck in our system. I apologize for the inconvenience. Our IT department clears stuck GEDCOMs every Tuesday of the week, and it looks like the upload on your account has been canceled as a result. We recommend uploading your file once more at your earliest convenience.
    >Best regards,
    >> -----------------------------
    >> Request Form:
    >> I've tried to upload a gedcom and it's been spinning for many days, nearly a week now. I can't stop it or deleate it Can you please deleate it so I can upload
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      Did you try checking the advance options? I believe there is an option there where family tree can be deleted and once deleted can't be undone.